Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day - On February 2, have the children be groundhogs and act out this tradition. Here's a song to teach them to the tune of "I Stuck My Head in a Little Skunk's Hole." If I stick my head out of my hole, And the sun is out, what do you know? I'll see my shadow and then I'll creep Back in my hole for six more weeks. If I stick my head out of my hole, And the sky is cloudy, what do you know? I won't see my shadow And I'll dance and sing, For very soon it will be spring!


Conversation Hearts - Conversation hearts are good to sort, count, read, and eat! Estimate how many will be in a bag, then count. Graph the ones that are the same. Make a game by cutting paper hearts out of construction paper. Write like phrases found on candy hearts (such as "Kiss Me, "Cool One," "WOW!" "Cutie Pie") on two of the hearts. Children can visually match up the ones that go together, or they can play a concentration game with them.

Lincoln Log Cabins - On Lincoln's Birthday February 12, have the children try to "construct" log cabins using fat pretzel sticks and peanut butter. They may not look like much, but they'll be fun to eat!

Presidents and Coins - With all the presidential birthdays this month, it's a good time to talk about coins and money. Let the children look at coins with a magnifying glass. Can they see Lincoln in his memorial? What words are written on the coins? Children will learn the names of the coins and their value with this song to the tune of "Shortnin' Bread." Chorus: I like money to spend at the store. Money, money, money - I wish I had more! A penny's worth one cent, a nickel's worth five. A dime's worth ten cents, a quarter's twenty- five. Chorus. Lincoln's on one cent. Jefferson's on five. Roosevelt's on ten cents, Washington's on twenty- five. Chorus. A building's on one cent. A building's on five. A torch is on ten cents. An eagle's on twenty- five. Chorus.

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