Snow Dough - Children will enjoy creating snow people and animals with this play dough variation:

                 2 cups flour 
                 1 cup salt 
                 2 cups water 
                 2 TB. Vegetable oil 
                 2 TB. Cream of tartar 

Mix all ingredients together until smooth. (Do not add food coloring.) Cook over medium heat until mixture thickens and sticks to the spoon. Knead in several spoonfuls of silver or iridescent glitter. Store in zip bag.

Snow Doughsnowman



Icebergs - Freeze water in plastic bowls, and then dump the chunks of ice in the water table to create icebergs. Children will enjoy playing with plastic polar animals, such as polar bears, penguins, and walruses on the icebergs. They can also observe the icebergs as they melt. (Just for fun, add food coloring to the water before freezing.)

Martin Luther King's Song - Here's a song for Martin Luther King's Birthday that can help children understand a famous historical event. It goes to the tune of "The Noble Duke of York."

Martin Luther King (Begin to march to the beat.)
Had thousands of men and women.
He marched them up Capitol Hill (Pretend to march up a hill.)
And he marched them down again. (Stoop down and march.)
He stood for rights for all.
The poor and the small.
Martin Luther King had a Dream of peace for all.

Have children draw pictures of their "Dream for the World" and put them together to make a class book.

MLK with bell


Beach Party - Chase away those winter blues with a beach party! Have the children bring in beach towels and a bathing suit to change into.

Turn up the heat and turn up the fun with sand toys in the sand table, Hawaiian music, a surfing context, indoor picnic, bubble blowing, beach balls, and "sun" fun!


100 Day Celebration - Celebrate the 100th day of school by challenging each child to bring in a plastic bottle filled with a set of 100 little objects.

Do the collections of 100 take up the same amount of space?

Do they weigh the same? Why not?

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