Hunting for the Gold

Spray rocks or fish gravel gold with spray paint.

Hide them on the playground or in the sand table and watch the children delight at hunting for the leprechaun's gold.

Leprechaun Visit

Before children arrive at school on March 17th, turn over chairs, scatter toys on the floor, and sprinkle a little green glitter around the room.

Write a language experience story about what the children think happened.

Leprechaun Party

Have a party the "wee folks" would enjoy by serving milk in medicine cups and miniature cookies and crackers.

March Winds

Children will have fun making these paper plate kites and flying them on a windy day.

Demonstrate how to cut the inside out of a paper plate. Have children decorate the rim of the plate with markers or crayons.

Next, let them glue tissue paper streamers (1" x 18") to the rim. Punch a hole and tie on a 3 foot piece of yarn or kite string.

Take the kites outside and "run like the wind."

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