Abe Lincoln


Bringing Home a Valentine

Children will enjoy singing this song to the tune of
"I'm bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee."

I'm bringing home a valentine for you. (Fold hands as if you have something in them)
One that says, "I love you."  
I'm bringing home a valentine for you.  
With a great, big hug, (Hug self.)
And a "kiss, kiss," too! (Smack in the air.)

Tell children to think of someone in their family that they love and "give" them this song for Valentine's Day!

Apple Cinnamon Snack

Here's a simple Valentine snack children can make.

Give each child a cup of applesauce. Let them add 5-10 cinnamon candies.

Stir, stir, stir.

What happens to the candy? Does the applesauce change color? How does it taste?

Shining Abe's Pennies

Celebrate Abraham Lincoln's Birthday on February 12th by shining pennies.

Pour 1/2 cup of vinegar in a glass. Stir in 1 TB. salt.

Let children take dull pennies and put them in the solution.

Tell them to say the letters of the alphabet as they stir the pennies.

Remove the pennies. Taadaa! Shiny pennies!

Have children look at the pennies with a magnifying glass. Whose picture is on the penny?

Turn the penny over and look for Lincoln's statue in the Lincoln Memorial?

How old is the penny?Can they find a penny that is as old as they are?

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