tennis shoes





Parents will treasure this holiday gift for years to come.

At the beginning of the month, ask each child to bring in one old shoe that they have outgrown. (Tennis shoes work best.)

Give children an old paintbrush and cup of white school glue.

Challenge them to put glue all over the inside and outside of the shoe. Let the shoes dry on wax paper for several days.

Have the children paint a second coat of glue. Dry.

Spray the shoes with gold, silver or bronze spray paint.

Print the poem below on a piece of paper and let the children decorate it with pictures and their name. Or, click here for a copy you can print.

Roll up the poem, tie a piece of ribbon around it, and insert it in the shoe.

Here is my little shoe.

I made it just for you.

When I'm grown and tall, You can remember me small.

In your footsteps I want to grow.

Thank you, mom and dad, for loving me so!

Sing this holiday song to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."

Click here for a copy you can print

Let's all do a little ringing.
Let's all do a little ringing.
Let's all do a little ringing.
To spread holiday cheer. (Pretend to ring bells.)

Let's all do a little clapping... (Clap hands.)

Continue singing the song by twirling, jumping, and making other movements.

End by quietly singing, "Let's all do a little smiling..."and sitting down.

Here's a healthy holiday snack.

Give each child half a bagel.
Dye cream cheese green with a little food coloring and have the children spread it on the bagel to make a wreath.
Decorate with red "fruit loop" berries.

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