Sing to Learn with Dr. Jean

The United States
(Tune: "Turkey in the Straw")

There are 50 states in my country,
If you sing along, you will learn them with me.
We are all very proud of the red, white and blue.
We'll start with "A" and work our way through.

Alabama   Alaska   Arizona   Arkansas
California   Colorado  Connecticut Delaware
Florida   Georgia   Hawaii   Idaho
Illinois   Indiana   Iowa   Don't you know!

Kansas   Kentucky   Louisiana   Maine
Maryland   Mass.   Michigan   Minnesota
Miss.   Missouri   Montana   Nebraska
Nevada   N.H.   New Jersey   New Mexico

New York   N. Carolina   N. Dakota   Ohio
Oklahoma   Oregon   Penn.   We're on a roll!
Rhode Is.   S. Carolina   S. Dakota Tennessee
Texas   Utah   We're near the end, you see.

Vermont   Virginia   Washington State
West Va.   Wisconsin   Wyoming   This is great!
We can sing them, we can say them,
     and now that we're all through.
Kiss your brain and say, "Yahoo!"

The Presidents
(Tune: "Ten Little Indians")

Washington   Adams   Jefferson   Madison
Monroe   Adams   Jackson   Van Buren
Harrison   Tyler   Polk   Taylor
Filmore   Pierce   and Buchanan

Lincoln   Johnson   Grant   Hayes
Garfield   Arthur   Cleveland   Harrison
Cleveland   McKinley   Roosevelt   Taft
Wilson   Harding   and Coolidge

Hoover   Roosevelt   Truman   Eisenhower
Kennedy   Johnson   Nixon   Ford
Carter   Reagan   Bush   Clinton
These are our Presidents.

Good-Bye Song

Good-bye, now, good-bye, now,
The clock says we're done.
We had fun singing,
Now good-bye everyone.
I love you a little.
I love you a lot.
My love for you could fill . . .
     Fourteen pots,
         Twelve tin cans,
             Five tea cups,
                 And two dish pans!

Keep on singing!


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