Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs

The Bear Went Over the Mountain
(Traditional Tune)

The bear went over the mountain.
The bear went over the mountain.
    (March in place as you sing.)
The bear went over the mountain
And what do you think he saw?

He saw a plate of brownies . . .
He ate up all the brownies . . .
He got a tummy ache . . .
He took some Alka Seltzer . . .
He went and told his mommy . . .
She sent him to his room . . .
He never went over the mountain.

Five Little Fish

No little fishies swimming in the sea,
(Hold up fist.)
Splishing and a splashing
(Pretend to swim.)
And a rocking to the beat.

Here comes a little fishie,
Oh, say, "hello."
One little fishie swimming in a row.
(Hold up one finger.)
One little fishie . . . (Hold up one finger.)
Two little fishies . . . (Hold up two fingers.)
Three little fishies . . . (Hold up three fingers.)
Four little fishies . . . (Hold up four fingers.)
Five little fishies . . . (Hold up five fingers.)

Everybody wave 'cause don't you know,
Those little fishies got to go  (Wave goodbye)
Oh, ah, away they go.

Activity: Decorate colored socks with
  felt to look like fish. Have children
  wear these on their arms and get up
  and swim as you sing the song.

  Make fish out of felt and place them
  on the flannel board. Follow up the
  song by doing addition and subtraction
  problems with the fish.

I Wish I Were
(Tune: "If You're Happy and You Know It")

Oh, I wish I were a little race car.
(Pretend to drive a car.)
Oh, I wish I were a little race car.
I'd go zoom, zoom, zoom
Over everybody's room.
Oh, I wish I were a little race car.

Orange- squirty, squirty, squirty
Over everybody's shirty . . .
(Pretend to squeeze orange.)

Cake yummy, yummy, yummy
Down in everybody's tummy . . .
(Pat tummy.)

Baby fish I'd be such a cutie
In my bathing suitie . . .
(Pose with arm behind head.)

Mud oozie, oozie, oozie
In everybody's toosies . . .
(Wiggle foot.)

Motorcycle speedie, speedie,
Over everybody's feetie.
(Extend arms and pretend to
    drive motor cycle.)

Radio "I'd go click!"
(Pretend to turn off the radio as you
    abruptly stop singing.)

Activity: Have children draw pictures of
  the different items in the song on
  poster board and hold them up as
  you sing each verse.

  Ask children to draw pictures about
  something they wish they were. Have
  them write or dictate stories to go
  with their pictures.


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