Is Everybody Happy?
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Nursery Rhyme Medley


Say other rhymes and finger plays leaving out words
for the children to supply.

This will help their ability to use context clues when
they read. Have children think of other words that
rhyme in each verse.

Ride That Pony


Do this as a line dance.
Children form two lines facing each other.
Step down to get a new partner after touching back sides.
Make stick ponies.
First, roll up three sheets of newspaper lengthwise
and tape to make the "stick."
Next, let children decorate a lunch sack to look like a
pony's head.
Glue on construction paper triangles for ears.
Stuff the lunch sack, then tape to the
newspaper stick as shown.
Go out on the playground and "ride that pony!"

The Itsy Bitsy Spider  

(Traditional Tune)


Have children make paper plate spiders.
Glue 8 strips of paper (4 on each side) to the plate. Curl or accordion fold strips.

Decorate with eyes, nose, and mouth.
Tie on a piece of elastic so the spider can bounce up and down as you sing.

Use children's names in the song.
For example: "Kia Johnson went up the water spout."

Hand Dancing


Try hand dancing to other popular music.

Let children make up their own motions for
"dancing" with their arms.

Junior Birdmen


Ask children to explain the words in the song.
Have they ever found a prize in a cereal box?

Have they ever sent off for a prize? Have children bring in their
favorite cereal box. Look for prizes and coupons on the
cover of the boxes.

Cut the front off each box and punch 2 holes in the left side.

Bind with book rings to make a book called
"What's for Breakfast?"

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