Dr. Jean's Songs on CD



Just for Fun!

I owe a lot of credit for this CD to my friends and family who contributed ideas and enthusiasm. My daughter, Holly, wrote the delightful lyrics. Sandy and Chuck Elasser shared "Zero the Hero Number Stomp." Jenny Morphis and Kimberly Smith from Oklahoma gave me the great idea for "Letter Tales."

Here are the titles for all the songs you will find on this CD: Kids Just Wanna Have Fun!, We're Great!, Alphabet Train, Letter Tales, The Vowel Family, Zero the Hero Number Stomp, Going Over the Sea, Dinosaur Boogie, Granny at the Fair, Miss Mary Mack, Yogi Bear, In the Woods There Was a Tree, A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea; Pizza Hut, Five Little Hotdogs, Read a Book and What a Wonderful World.

All words are included with the CD.



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