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Better Brains

Hello Dr. Jean! I want to sincerely thank you for your new CD "Better Bodies and Brains." I received it last week and previewed it this a.m. and it is going to be a HUGE HIT in my preschool PE classes! I cannot wait until tomorrow to do it with them! Thank you very very much. Also, yesterday our computer teacher downloaded your fingerplay c.d.'s to a disc for me and we did them yesterday the the children LOVED them. You are a gift! I sincerely thank YOU.

Mary Cluley, Physical Education Teacher, Notre Dame Catholic School, Wichita Falls, TX 76309

You will discover 28 new songs on the new CD, Better Bodies and Brains. Titles include 1. Time to Get Up (Vocal) 2. Time to Get Up (Instrumental) 3. Hello Friends! (Vocal) 4. Hello Friends! (Instrumental) 5. Morning Stretch (Vocal) 6. Morning Stretch (Instrumental) 7. ABC Kick Box (Vocal) 8. ABC Kick Box (Instrumental) 9. Letter Pops (Vocal) 10. Letter Pops (Instrumental) Click here to see all 28 titles.

Words and activities for all 28 of the songs can be downloaded by clicking here.

The DVD contains the same 28 vocals and each one has an accompanying video that demonstrates the activity.

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