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Summer 2001 Ice Cream in a Bag
May 2001 Sports Day
April 2001 Spring Flowers
March 2001 Lions, Kites and Leprechauns
February 2001 Groundhogs and Presidents
January 2001 Snow Dough
Anytime Cheers, Chants and Celebrations

November 1999 to June 2000

December 2000

Jingle Bell Painting

November 2000

Nuts To You

October 2000

Scarecrow Sandwich

September 2000

Believe It or Not, I Was Once a Kindergartener

June 2000

Beach bags of bubble fun

May 2000

Teach your class finger plays and make footerflies

April 2000

Nest Building, Earthweek and Baggie Books

March 2000

Leprechauns and Kites

February 2000

Songs, Snacks and Abe Lincoln

January 2000

Snowballs and Birdwatchers

December 1999 Parents will treasure these holiday gifts for years to come.
November 1999 What a great month to focus on families!

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