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  October 2002 Kangaroos and Witches Stew  
  September 2002 Back to School Books and Cheers  
  August 2002 The First Twelve Days of School  
  Summer 2002 In The Good Ol' Summer Time  
  April 2002 Wake Up, Spring!  
  March 2002 Nursery Rhyme Time  
  February 2002 Valentine adventures  
  January 2002 Brrr! It's cold outside; warm up with these mittens and gloves  
  December 2001 Elves, bells and a sleigh  
  November 2001 Songs, Dance and lots of fun  
  October 2001 Spiders, and Apples, and Pumpkins, Oh, My! - Plus - Use Technology to Reinforce Learning Name and Address  
  September 2001 Welcome to Our Room  
  Back to School Convince Your Principal to Say Yes  
  Anytime Cheers,Chants and Celebrations  
  Archives November 1999 to Summer 2001  

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