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I'm Only Four

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August - From A to Z

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Dr. Jean's Survival Guide
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Nursery Rhyme Printables Vol 2
10 new printables
plus 10 songs

Nursery Rhyme Printables
107 pages plus 10 songs


Hurricane Florence

Our prayers and thoughts are with all our teacher friends and families who were hit by Hurricane Florence. As the devastation unravels we share in your pain. If you were at a school impacted by the storm, please click here to contact us so we can give you some free materials and, hopefully, put a song back in your hearts!

Dr. Jean & Carolyn Kisloski

Learn all about the collaboration between
Dr. Jean and Carolyn Kisloski
Happies - Enough for whole school year

September 2018 
Cut it Out! Scissor Skills

August 2018 
Start Your Year from A to Z

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